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The Mark Challenge Made History In Finnish University

An article written by Jukka Aminoff author of ‘Luxury, Buying Revolution, and Social Selling Luxury

The Mark Challenge made university history in Finland by arranging a preselection competition, which was called The Mark Challenge Finland powered by Laurea University of Applied Sciences. This was the first time when a Finnish university decided to hold a luxury competition for business students, and at the same time, it was an international competition. Hence, two great achievements with a single touch. I was extremely honored to connect The Mark Challenge and Laurea University of Applied Sciences together, and the first request came from Mrs. Annalisa Tarquini who is the founder of The Mark Challenge and Program Director at The International University of Monaco to discover possible university candidates. I had a personal challenge to discover a suitable university to participate in the competition. Laurea University of Applied Sciences came to my mind because I have been the President of The Alumni Council at Laurea since 2015, and I will serve my final year in 2019 because Presidents can only serve for a limited time. Laurea University of Applied Sciences is a modern Finnish university, and it is always applying and trying new things. Laurea has over 7,800 students and the university has several campuses in Southern Finland. Largest campuses are in the Capital Region. Laurea is also one of the most favorite universities in Finland among applicants. Therefore, Laurea did not hesitate to participate. Laurea had three student teams, whom understood the meaning of luxury extremely well. One team was able to reach to the semifinals in The Mark Challenge but one team had to cancel their competition journey because team members did not have enough time due to their work and family lives. However, every single team member is excited about the luxury industry, and we might see Finnish luxury brands in the future. The Mark Challenge is a global luxury and premium business plan competition and it has already made history in many international universities. It made history in Finland with Laurea University of Applied Sciences, and it can make history in many other countries as well. Leave your mark is certainly not an empty phrase.